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Cuba Travel Network #1 Cuba Travel Agency since 1995. Often imitated but never equaled, Cuba Hotels, Cuba Flights, Cuba Car Rental and much more with CubaTravelNetwork

Cuba Travel Network was founded in 1995 and since then has been tireless in its aim to promote Cuba to the world. We’ve come a long way and are often imitated but it’s our staffs attention to detail that separates us from the “also-rans”.

Cuba Travel Network Hotels – it’s no secret that we’ve been specializing in Cuban hotels for over two decades. We started there were only 95 hotels in Cuba, these days there are over 300. Whatever the amount of hotels available, whether they be simple 2 star sleepover airport hotels in Cuba or 5 star plus mega resorts, we have them all with special allocations, best room positions and, above all, availability when nobody else has. Don’t be dissuaded by the “sold out” responses by our competitors and give us a try. We probably have rooms at the Cuban Hotel they’ve declared as unavailable. Chat with our staff directly online about your hotel needs and we will check on-the-fly both availability and rates to save you time and anxiety.

Cuba Travel Network Car Rental – We offer car rental from Transtur Car Rental and its brands Havanautos, CubaCAR and REX Car Rental. We also provide bookings with Via Gaviota Car rental. We guarantee your car is ready the day/hour it was booked and also throw-in extras like free insurance (on certain cars), Free Alternate drop-off without fees, free child seats and free road maps. If you have a problem with your car rental we will handle the issue, contact us and let us liaise on your behalf to get a prompt solution. Chat with our staff directly online about your Cuba Car rental needs and we will check on-the-fly both availability and rates to save you time and anxiety.

Cuba Travel Network Flights – Yes, as our website proudly states, we offer every flight that lands in Cuba, whether international inbound carriers or domestic national flights in Cuba. Again, don’t waste time and chat directly with our staff online. Flight tickets are symbolic in so much as, there can be availability are midday and then non at 1pm. Such is the nature of flight sales. Let us check availability and make tentative flight bookings for you at no cost now. You’ll have 24-48 to pay your flight while it stays confirmed through us.

About Cuba Travel Network – Founded in 1995, Cuba Travel Network has been at the forefront of Cuba Travel since then. Book with the true professionals now.

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Varadero Cuba Fastbooking

If you are looking for Cuba Hotel Reservations, Cuba Car Rental Bookings or Cuba Travel Information you have come to the right place.

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You can also book hotels in Cuba with Fastbooking at the book now links below. All hotels are instantly confirmed, NO DOWN PAYMENT is required to confirm a Cuba Hotel and all Cuba Hotel Bookings are guaranteed and the check-in voucher sent immediately to your email.

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Our favorite hotels in Havana Cuba are:

Santa Isabel Old Havana

Parque Central Havana

Melia Varadero

Iberostar Varadero

Hotel List Varadero Cuba

Fastbooking Varadero Hotels

Below is a complete list of Hotels in Varadero Cuba as of 2014.

When you visit the links for each you hotel in Varadero you can compare rates, check room types, and see the latest 2014 photos of each hotel (not old stock images).

There are also complete and individual visitor reviews of Varadero Hotels for the specific hotel you are viewing.

Fastbooking is proud to offer this complete list of Hotels in Varadero for your help and assistance in choosing the right hotel in Varadero Cuba.

Melia Marina Varadero 5***** Autopista del Sur y Final Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Cuba – Sol Melia

Sandals Royal Hicacos Resort and Spa Varadero 5***** Carretera Las Morlas Los Tainos – Km 15 Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Cuba – Sandals

Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa 5***** Punta Frances, Varadero, Cuba – Sol Melia

Hotel Barlovento Varadero 4**** Ave. 1ra. e/ 10 & 12, Varadero, Cuba – Gran Caribe

Iberostar Varadero 5***** Crta Las Morlas km 16 Sector Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Cuba – Iberostar

Sol Palmeras Varadero 4**** Carretera de las Morlas, Varadero, Cuba – Sol Melia

Club Kawama Resort Varadero 4**** Primera Avenida y Calle 1, Varadero, Cuba – Gran Caribe

Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort & Spa 5**** Autopista Sur, Ctra. Las Morlas, KM 19 1/2, Varadero, Cuba – Sol Melia

Playa Caleta Varadero 4**** Avenida Kawama y Final, Varadero, Cuba

Hotel Villa Cuba Varadero 4**** Ave. Las Americas, Rpto. La Torre Km 3, Varadero, Cuba – Gran Caribe

Barcelo Solymar Varadero 5***** Carretera Las Américas Km. 3, Varadero, Cuba

Melia Varadero 5***** Carretera de las Morlas, Varadero, Cuba – Sol Melia

Arenas Doradas Hotel Varadero 4**** Autopista Varadero km 17, Varadero, Cuba

Ocean Varadero El Patriarca 5***** Autopista Varadero km 13, Varadero, Cuba

Iberostar Tainos 4**** Ctra. Las Morlas, Km 12.5, Varadero, Cuba

Blau Hotel Varadero 4**** Carretera de Las Morlas. KM 15, Varadero, Cuba Blau

Playa Alameda Hotel 5***** Punta Hicacos Final, Varadero, Cuba Iberostar

Mercure Cuatro Palmas 4**** Avenida 1ra entre 60 y 64, Varadero, Cuba Mercure

Iberostar Laguna Azul Varadero 5***** Autopista Sur Km 18,500, Varadero, Cuba Iberostar

Aguas Azules Varadero 3*** Carretera Las Morlas Km 14, Varadero, Cuba Cubanacan

Be Live Las Morlas 4**** AV. LAS AM ORICAS, S/N (REPARTO DE LA TORRE), 10400, Varadero, Cuba Be Live

Breezes Bella Costa 4**** Avenida Las Americas Km 31/2, Varadero, Cuba Breezes

Melia Las Americas 5***** Crta. de las Morlas, Varadero, Cuba Sol Melia

Hotel Dos Mares 3*** Calle 53 y 1ra Avenida, Varadero, Cuba Islazul

Melia Peninsula Varadero 5***** Parque Natural de Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Cuba Sol Melia

BelleVue Sunbeach 3*** Calle 17, Varadero, Cuba BelleVue

Hotel Be Live Turquesa 4**** Las Morlas Km 12.5 Reparto La Torre, Varadero, Cuba Be Live

Brisas del Caribe Hotel 4**** Carretera Las Morlas Km 12 1/2, Varadero, Cuba Cubanacan

Coralia Club Playa de Oro Varadero 4**** Carretera Las Morlas km 12.5, Varadero, Cuba

Sol Sirenas Coral Resort 4**** Av. Las Americas y Calle K, Varadero, Cuba Sol Melia

Hotel Villa Tortuga 3*** Calle 9 e/ Bulevar y Ave. Kawama, Varadero, Cuba Gran Caribe

Blau Marina Varadero 5***** Autopista Sur Final, Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Cuba Blau

Hotel Varadero Internacional 4**** Ave. Las Americas Km 1, Varadero, Cuba Gran Caribe

Barcelo Arenas Blancas 4**** Calle 64 e/ 1ra Ave y Autopista, Varadero, Cuba Barcelo

Hotel Superclubs Breezes Varadero 4**** Avenida Las Americas Km 3, Varadero, Cuba

Hotel Tuxpan 4**** Carretera. Las Americas, Varadero, Cuba Cubanacan

Hotel Allegro Varadero 4**** Autopista Sur Km 11, Varadero, Cuba

Hotel Mar del Sur Varadero 2** Ave. 3era. y Calle 30 Varadero Matanzas, Varadero, Cuba Islazul

Hotel Villa La Mar Varadero 2** 3 Avenida E/ 28 Y 29 Matanzas, Varadero, Cuba Islazul

Hotel Club Puntarenas Varadero 4**** Av. Kawama y Final, Varadero, Cuba Gran Caribe

Acuazul Hotel Varadero 2** Avenida 1ra entre 14 y 15, Varadero, Cuba

Barcelo Cayo Libertad Club Premium 5***** Cayo Largo Del Sur, Varadero, Cuba Barcelo

Hotel Club Karey Varadero 3*** Calle 0, Reparto Kawama, Varadero, Cuba

Memories Varadero 4**** Autopista Sur, km 18.5 Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Cuba Memories

Hotel Riu Varadero 5***** Varadero Cuba, Varadero, Cuba Riu

Hotel Herradura Varadero 3*** Ave. de la Playa, e/ 35 y 36, Matanzas, Varadero, Cuba

Hotel Pullman Varadero 2** Calle 1ra. Avenida e/ 49 y 50, Varadero, Cuba

Melia Las Antillas 4**** Autopista Sur, Carretera Las Morlas, Km 14, Varadero, Cuba Sol Melia

Club Amigo Tropical Varadero 3*** Ave. 1ra e/ 21 y 23, Varadero, Cuba

Hotel Xanadu Varadero 4**** Carretera Las Américas km. 8 ½. Varadero Gran Caribe

Hotel Playa Giron Varadero 2** Playa Giron, Peninsula de Zapata, Matanzas, Cuba Cubanacan

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Santa Isabel Hotel Old Havana

Hotel Santa Isabel Havana

Cuba Travel Network offers the 5 star colonial style hotel is located in the most beautiful area of the Old Town of Havana. Hotel Santa Isabel overlooks to the Havana Bay. It is furnished in elegant, royal style reminding to the Spanish times. Guests adore it because of the inner yard and for it’s especially fine Mojito, booking now with Cuba Travel Network or see all other Cuban Hotels

Cuba Travel Network Booking

Hotel Parque Central Havana

Iberostar Parque Central

Cuba Travel Network offers the 5 star luxury Iberostar Parque Central in Old Havana right next to the Havana Capitolio and the Central Park in the neighborhood of the National Museum, the Bacardi House and the famous Hemingway outpost, Floridita Bar. Iberostar Parque Central is one of the most popular hotels in Old Havana with its exclusive splendor and its old-world atmosphere. Hotel Iberostar Parque Central with Cuba Travel Network is the perfect choice for discerning guests, successful businessmen and friends who wish to spend their holiday in the heart of Havana in luxury booking now with Cuba Travel Network or see all other Cuban Hotels

Cuba Travel Network Booking

Iberostar Varadero Hotel

Iberostar Varadero

Cuba Travel Network offers the 5 star Hotel Iberostar Varadero all inclusive beach which is situated 10 minutes from the centre of Varadero, local markets and paladar restaurants in a beautiful, tropical environment. Hotel Iberostar Varadero has 386 rooms in 11 landscaped sections on 3 floors. The Iberostar Varadero is ideal for families or groups of friends to relax and choose from several sports facilities, massages and relaxation areas of the hotel. Try the 4 immense swimming pools or the crystal clear blue Caribbean sea along the white sandy beach of the hotel. Book now with Cuba Travel Network or see all other Cuban Hotels

Cuba Travel Network Booking

Fastbooking Hotels Matanzas Cuba

Fastbooking hotels Matanzas Cuba

Fastbooking Cuba has been offering great online hotel rates without booking fee s in Matanzas Cuba since the beginning. We provide great Fastbooking hotels Matanzas Cuba online rates direct from the hotels themselves. When you book your Fastbooking hotels Matanzas Cuba, your hotel reservation is booked directly with the hotel in Matanzas Cuba though Cuba Travel Network. When you book Fastbooking hotels Matanzas Cuba, you won’t experience the problems that others have experienced – lost reservations and unrecognized rates, and the hotel refuses to talk to you and directs you to your online travel agent that you can’t get when you need them. Fastbooking hotels Matanzas Cuba are over 60 hotels in Matanzas Province which includes Varadero Cuba.

Melia Varadero Hotel

Melia Varadero

Cuba Travel Network offers the 5 star all inclusive luxury hotel Melia Varadero with its 455 rooms is located at the most magnificent coastline of Varadero. Hotel Melia Varadero is only a few minutes far away from the centre of Varadero Downtown and the street markets, in the neighborhood of the Las Americas shopping mall. Melia Varadero Hotel has 18-hole golf course, elegant and comfortable rooms, special VIP services and excellent entertainment programs to make the luxury holiday unforgettable for golf fanatics, friends or couples booking now with Cuba Travel Network or see all other Cuban Hotels.